The word “news” has been in existence for quite some time, and as a noun (used with only a single verb) it has existed since at least the 18th century. As a noun, the news is a report about a person or event being reported on. There are many definitions of the word. Here are some examples:

If a politician dies

then that is an important event in our history. In news reports, an important event in the news may be a news story about a candidate for president of the United States. In an example like this, the name of the candidate is mentioned, but the major news event is his death.

In a news story about a terrorist attack in London, the term is often used to describe the news organization that published the story, such as the Associated Press (AP). In a news story about a school shooting in Virginia, the name of the school is mentioned, but the main news event is the perpetrator being caught. In these types of stories, the phrase “the school shooting was covered by local TV news,” is used. The news organizations that cover the story are referred to as “local stations.”

In a news story about a hurricane in a specific region, the phrase “the news organization covering this storm” is used. When a tornado hits a particular area, the phrase “the news station in this area reporting” is used. However, if a political campaign is making a campaign ad, the phrase “the campaign organization which is airing this ad” is used.

The news story

Is a story that an individual who is not related to the individual who is reporting the story is telling. When you are watching television news or listening to the radio, you will hear a story that relates to the person who is telling the story. For instance, if a politician is giving a speech, they are talking about their own political career and they will tell a story about something they did in the past.

A news story is not the same as a news story. A news story is a report that has been put out by a news agency, which tells a story about something that has happened, while a news story is a report that has happened by someone. The news agency, which produces the news story is called the news agency. publisher. The owner of a newspaper, radio, or television station is the news publisher.

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