New Group Formed for Horse Enthusiasts in North Dakota

No result found, try new keyword!A new association for North Dakota horse enthusiasts is planning its first big event as it looks to promote public education about “everything equus.” …

Trojan Horse Antidotes Designed to Neutralize Lethal Botulinum Toxin

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As our newsfeeds filled with images of a violent mob of Trump supporters storming the US capitol earlier this week, the reporters on-site, politicians and staff hiding in the basement, and viewers across the world kept commenting that it just didn’t seem “real.”

Of course, the broken glass on the floor, the injured capitol police and protestors, and people who lost their lives prove otherwise. But those incontrovertible facts have not prevented pundits and conspiracy theorists from trying to justify or reframe what happened to suit their own purposes. At the heart of the crisis is the inability of the President of the United States and some of his supporters to accept what numerous investigations and court rulings assert — he did not win enough lawful votes to remain in office.

Psychology Today

In the psychological literature, “losing touch with reality” is seen as a pathological event, which threatens a person’s ability to take care of themselves and/or can pose a danger to others. Whether the disconnect is due to a form of mental illness like schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, a fever, head injury, or substance use, or is a response to unbearable stress, it is considered a serious condition that requires treatment and stabilization.

President Trump’s denial of the severity of the coronavirus pandemic, his unwillingness to accept responsibility for inciting his followers to violence, and his refusal to admit that he was not reelected for a second term all indicate that he is living in a delusional world. There are people around him who are fostering this narrative to pacify him or to advance their own agendas, but we have passed the point where it is reasonable to argue that disagreements about what is happening simply reflect differences in how we see Light Therapy For Horses the world.

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